Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Bald and the Beautiful

Ben's going to lose his hair.  Not maybe, not might.  It's going to happen.  I figure he and Ethan will freak out if we just let it fall out .  So we will shave it.

On Sunday, April 7 at 6pm we will be having a Shaving Party at Regis in the Washington Park Mall.  Several family members and friends (and friends' kids) will join Ben for the most awesome group haircut party ever!  (FYI: A local news channel is interested in coming down to do a story... we'll see if it works out!)

If you want to join in, let me know via facebook or e-mail.  I'll need a head count by Friday!

In related news, I guess I've been doing too much googling of hair loss:

Yes, Bosley. Yes, we do.  

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