Monday, April 1, 2013

Our First Stay at the Hospital

Photo: Good Morning!

Doing some coloring...

Photo: In pre-op. Surgery should take an hour.

Surgery to put the port in...

Photo: Our cookie monster! :)

Everyone looks like hell after surgeries... even toddlers.  On the other hand, all you can eat cookies!

Photo: It's a BOY!

Getting an EKG! The chemo can damage his heart so we will be doing a few of these to monitor his ticker.

Chemo causes heart damage, so we did an EKG to get a baseline. We'll do this every month for awhile. He slept through it...

Photo: Thanks for all the awesome treats!

We got some awesome gifts and cards from friends. Sugar overload!!!

Photo: Granny had to get a blood shot.

He HATED getting blood draws/lab work done ("blood shots"), so given the opportunity he gave Granny a blood shot.  She held him down for one of them, and paybacks are a bitch....

Photo: Blood transfusion underway.

His hemoglobin dropped dangerously low, so a blood transfusion was necessary. If you donate blood, thanks!  Ben is B-positive.

Photo: Brothers together, again.

Ethan was promptly kicked out of Ben's bed after this picture was taken!

Photo: Choosing down on some grilled cheese! He is a MUCH happier baby today. Lots more laughing and playing today. :)

The Return of the Appetite

Photo: We're done! No reaction! :)

We made it through another does of chemo with now major side effects or allergic reactions! Awesome sauce.

Photo: And the green beans are GONE!

He craved green beans. Weirdo.

On Sunday, March 31, EASTER SUNDAY, we got to go HOME!!

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