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Ben was diagnosed with leukemia on March 22, 2013. We started thinking of ways/themes that help inspire and explain to a 3-year-old (now 4 year old, his bday is in March) what was going on.  We took this picture from last Halloween:
 Inline image 1

And had our friend Alex (another superhero superfan) cartoonize him into a superhero:
That is affectionately known as BenjaMan!

  • We've watched Avengers at least a dozen times while in the hospital.  
  • Mommy has been known to wear a cape around his hospital room.  
  • His port (the tube running to his heart) is actually his arc reactor/Iron Man heart. 
  • When the nurses come in to hook his chemo in, we all shout "IT'S CANCER CLOBBERIN' TIME".  
  • When the hospital room is too cold, it's because Mr. Freeze is attacking! Time to call Batman!  

Yeah, we're nerds.  But superheroes have given us the means and method to make a little boy fighting cancer have a little fun. He understands good guys and bad guys, not flow cytometry and Precursor B!

But the real superheroes in all of this is people like you. 

Cancer is going to steal a piece of our boy's childhood.  It's going to wipe out his college savings fund and then some. It's going to take his hair and his health.  It has taken so much from us.

It's never going to take away your kindness, generosity, or compassion. It will never take away the love we have for our family and friends. In this way, cancer will never win.  In this way, we've already beat they bad guys.

Inline image 2
Having an Oreo after a lumbar puncture (I mean, having his radioactive spider injections so that he can get his Spidey powers).

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