Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our First Outpatient Chemo

I believe in aliens, and their probes.

First of all, in my insane 5am grogginess, I let Ben have a bowl of cereal on a DOE day (no food or drinks after midnight).  I cried in the shower, because I was certain I'd just let cancer kill my kid.  Logic, schmogic.

Second of all, we had to take his dressing off of his port wound.  Blaeuagh!!  Thank goodness Mike is a trooper; Mommy nearly passed out. Then we had to put the numbing lotion stuff on his port.  I reminded Mike to use gloves.  Next time... I won't. [Insert Maniacal Laugh]

So Ben FREAKED OUT at having anything sticky put on him (band-aids included) so we wrapped him up in Saran Wrap to keep the numbing lotion in place.  It was red. He was festive.

Drove to Tulsa in the rain, which set a menacing tone over the day.  About Tulsa city limits I thought "this is straight out of a goddamned Nicholas Sparks novel."  Anywho, we got in and Dr. K did a physical exam and we ran some labs and then... it was time.


It looked like the tail/probe thing from Transformers 2 when that chick WAY out of Shie Lebouf's league turned into a murdering robot... You remember the scene:
Waaaaaay out of his league; really should have seen that coming.

So they jabbed this thing in to his chest, and then hooked tubes up to it, then pumped him full  of poison.

Which brings me to another topic.  Why are we curing cancer with poison?  It seems so archaic.  I half expect them to bleed him with leeches next time we're in the office.

So anyway, we finished the chemicals, then went down to have a Spinal Tap

Not this kind of Spinal Tap, but you sleep through it all the same.

Then it was grocery store, then home to nap (me, not him).

We survived to fight another day!

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