Monday, June 24, 2013

Benjamin Morris Updates

Hey Friends! I'm reclaiming my personal facebook page and will be posting all of Benny's updates here. I'm doing this for a few reasons:

1-Those who know me, know I like my privacy. After the Children's Leukemia Foundation posted Ben's pic last Monday (so cool), I got ~30 friend requests from strangers. I like for people to hear about Ben, pray for him, and to spread awareness about children's cancer. I don't like for strangers to know about everything (and everywhere and everyone).

2-I have a crazy neighbor.  Time to adjust the privacy settings back to strict.  Remind me to tell you this story next time I see you. :)

3-Some people (like friends of our parents and grandparents, colleagues and their friends and families, and entire congregations of churches we have never visited) have been following us and praying for us since February. They don't know me or Mike. This is a way for them to stay in the know. These people are our angels. 

4-I wanted a way that Mike, mom and dad, and Richard and Kathy could post updates when I am too tired/sick/out of commission to do so. We are about to enter a phase where Benny will be hospitalized for inpatient care every other week. It's treacherous. But we have all pulled together and worked out a schedule so that I can work for most of the times he inpatient. They can all post in one place now!

5-I've seen how successful the Team Emerson page has been. Team Emerson has been an incredibly hopeful and happy place to "visit" each day. I was so afraid a page dedicated to Ben's illness would be a terribly sad place.  But Team Emerson has shown me that positivity, joy, and even humor is possible.  The Poindexter/Meredith Family is a huge blessing to us. (If you haven't "liked" their page yet, please do so. Cancer is evil, but it brings us all together in a special way. Love abounds where evil exists.)

6-I wanted to provide an opportunity for my personal facebook friends to opt out of pediatric cancer. I talk about it a lot. And it's freaking sad. And the constant reminders bum people out or take a toll, and I get it. Really. I totally get it. Now we can be friends and participate in each other's world without being bombarded with seriously sad stuff. 

Thanks everyone for liking this page! 

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  1. I love how we pull each other thru the adventure. We are so blessed to walk down the path of cancer along side of you all. It eases my emotional moments. Love you!
    Grammy to Emerson
    Friend to the Morris'