Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May, Part One

Wow! What a month! May went excruciatingly slow and mind-blowingly fast all at the same time! Here are the highlights: •

It was super cool!

  •  May 6: My dad finished assembling the new playground (complete with a cool new fence)!

  • May 7: Successful day of chemo and still CNS1 (negative for leukemia in his central nervous system=no radiation=lower risk of long term side effects)
Certain long-term side effect: being spoiled with Oreos on command. Okay... he comes by that honestly.

  • May 11: Blood Transfusion 

  • May 12: MOTHER’S DAY! 

  •  May 15: Bartlesville MOPS put together these awesome games for Ben for when he is in the hospital. It makes the trips so much better/easier/FUN!

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